Admission Arrangements

In accordance with Regulation 21 of the Regulations and Section 88 of the SSFA 1998, any person or body who considered that any maintained school or Academy’s arrangements are unlawful, or not compliant with the Code or relevant law relating to admissions, can make an objections to the Schools Adjudicator.

If you would like to more information, please phone our office on 020 8969 0321 or send an email to

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Nursery Places

We have 26 full time places in our Nursery class and we admit children in the September after their third birthday. We have a gradual settling in process during the Autumn term. Parents wishing to apply for a nursery place should complete the Nursery Admission Form and return it to the school office. Places will be allocated in line with our published admission criteria.

Reception Places

Parents wishing to apply for a Reception place must complete the Local Authority Common Application Form for the Borough in which you reside and return it to the admissions, you will also have to complete our Supplementary Information Form and return it to the school office by the closing date. Places will be allocated in line with our published admissions criteria.

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In-Year Admissions

There are 30 places in each year group from Years 1 to 6. Parents must apply to the local authority at the town hall. Once you apply to the RBKC Admissions, you must also complete our Supplementary information Form (SIF) and return it to the school office. If a place is not available at the time of application, your child will be placed on our waiting list and you will be notified once the place becomes available.

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In accordance with Admissions Code requirements, the Governing Body of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School submitted a request for an in-year variation to its published admissions arrangements for 2022-23. The request to permanently reduce the admission number from 60 to 30 has now been formally approved by the Office of the Schools Adjudicator. The school will admit 30 pupils from the point of Reception entry September 2022.