At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, we believe in providing children with the tools and understanding required to make a positive impact in their own physical health and well-being.  Our programme inspires our pupils to enjoy, succeed and excel in competitive sport while also helping them to understand the values of fairness and respect for all. We fully adhere to the aims of the National Curriculum and are committed to providing a high-quality physical education curriculum for all our pupils.  

Our PE curriculum encourages all pupils to participate in a wide variety of skills, sport and physical activities and encourages life-long fitness and life choices. The pupils have the opportunity to develop their skills and enjoyment to become physically and mentally confident in a way which supports both their physical health and their mental well-being.


PE at St. Mary’s is delivered with the pupils’ consistent improvement and enjoyment at its forefront.  PE is taught by a combination of class teachers, specialist PE teachers and qualified sports coaches. Children have equal opportunity to take part in a range of sports and physical activities within a supportive environment where effort as well as success is recognised.  Children are encouraged to participate in exercise throughout the day during PE lesson, clubs, outdoor learning, lunch provisions and special events. 

We adopt a knowledge and skills approach to the delivery of our PE curriculum. The National Curriculum programme of study forms the basis of the knowledge taught and a separate progression and skills document is used to ensure that the appropriate skills are taught within each year group and across the key stages.

In Key Stages 1 and 2, pupils receive one hour of high-quality PE lessons every week plus daily mile each day. Experienced practitioners and classroom teachers deliver these sessions in which effort and progression as well as success are equally recognised.  This enables our pupils to develop a sense of achievement, enjoyment and passion for sport, health and fitness no matter what their skill level.

In Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) the pupils in Nursery and Reception are provided with an unlimited opportunity for outdoor play experiences and thirty minutes and one hour of directed PE respectively.

Our PE curriculum map outlines the termly foci for each year group, as outlined in both the PE curriculum overview and on the individual class curriculum maps.

We create high quality P.E. lessons that focus on knowledge and skill retention. These plans reflect age related expectations and the progression within a session and across the unit. This ensures that the appropriate skills are covered and developed throughout the year and across the key stages.

In a typical PE lesson our pupils are provided with time to:

  • review and consolidate previous knowledge
  • discuss objectives, key vocabulary and success criteria
  • identify and develop (build on) their P.E. knowledge and key skills
  • take part in independent and collaborative activities and performances
  • self-evaluate and review their learning and that of others

Pupils in Key Stage 2 attend swimming lessons for a 12 week block throughout the year.   It is expected that by the end of year 6 students can swim 25m competently, confidently and proficiently using a range of strokes and perform a self rescue.

Our pupils are provided with many sporting opportunities outside of school time.  To develop their knowledge, skills and love of physical activity. This is done through:

  • Annual Sports Day
  • Sports festivals
  • Guest speakers
  • Nutritional talks and assemblies
  • Daily mile
  • Early morning and after school sports clubs


P.E. is taught with a focus of life long learning.  A wide variety of sports are offered to the students so they can build skills and abilities to harness enjoyment as well as the vast and varied physical and mental health benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Students at St Mary’s are inspired to succeed and achieve in all physical activities. Children make secure links across the skills to help them learn more, know more and remember more.

At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, we provide opportunities for children to become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.

During P.E. sessions pupils are observed and assessed by the PE specialist, Class Teacher and Teaching Assistants to track how they are accessing and exhibiting the skills being taught for each session. This helps to inform next steps for individual pupils and the planning of subsequent lessons.